About Us

Established in May 2011, we are an independent Fish Pedicure Spa in the South-Side of Glasgow. 
The salon is Private, comfortable and modern, with a personal approach so that you feel relaxed and rested whilst enjoying your treatment. 
All fish pedicure treatments include a free application of refreshing foot cream and a pair of your own complimentary slippers whilst in the salon.

Q: Where do the fish come from?
A:Spanning over the past 400 years, this unique and natural pedicure method originates from the outdoor hot springs of Kangal, Turkey and was discovered by a farmer.  The toothless little Garra Rufa fish, also known as “DR FISH” belong to the carp family.  Garra Rufa fish are recognized for their numerous healing benefits and effectiveness in exfoliating, cleansing and softening the skin. 
Garra Rufa fish spa pedicures are an experience that feels fantastic and are
great for individual or group pampering sessions.

Q: Do the Garra rufa bite?
A: NO!  They don’t as they don’t have any teeth. They suck, lick and nibble the dead skin off your feet, hands or body.
Q: What are the benefits of Fish Therapy
A:  Exceptional feel good factor, creating laughter and giggles when feet are submersed in our tanks.  The Garra Rufa fish suck and nibble dry and hard skin from your feet resulting in healthy rejuvenated skin which feels amazingly fresh. 
These clever little fish can also stimulate acupuncture points helping to regulate the nervous system and increase your blood circulation.
Garra Rufa fish also release an enzyme called dithranol which is a widely used component of dermatological for skin to regenerate faster, the use of the spa achieves this effect naturally.

Do Garra rufa help certain skin diseases?
A: Yes they have been applied for the successful treatment
of eczema and psoriasis and many other skin diseases and ailments for hundreds
of years.

Q: If I have a skin condition what results can I expect after one treatment?
A: Relief and improvement. To treat and possibly cure, consecutive sessions are required. Studies conducted over a month period have shown that 70% of people were healed after doing daily 1 hour
treatment, followed by 20 minutes of sun exposure.

Q: Is it hygienic to get a treatment by the "Dr Fish"?
A: Yes, it is. There has been a lot of hype regarding the treatment.  This is as a result of ignorance. The fish cannot transmit diseases.  If you have any wounds or foot conditions then you would need to wait
until this heals before having treatment.  The water in the treatment pools is also constantly filtrated and goes through a UV sterilisation system, so there is no chance for diseases to be transmitted through the water.

Q: Do they get other food, and not just dead skin?
A: Yes they get a food supplement as well as the skin. It is important for us to keep them healthy and happy.


Health and Safety
Health and safety to our customers (and of course our fish) is paramount.
The water in our tanks passes through a UV sterilisation and filtration system ensuring the water is purified and cleansed before reaching the treatment pools. This process happens at least 8 times per hour.
Everyone's feet are checked and washed prior to treatments. Any foot condition or open wounds will unfortunately result in your treatment being cancelled.
We also ask if any lotions, tanning products, or nail varnish etc has been recently applied that you please allow 24 hours before your treatment.
Information regarding the safe use of Garra Rufa Fish Spas - 18 october 2011
We are pleased to advise you that the recent guidance issued by the Health Protection Agency permits the continued operation of fish pedicure spas.
We welcome the guidance within the report and feel that it seperates the reputable fish spas from those not operating at the same high standards as we do.
Having taken advice from Environmental Health Officers we are confident that our practices and procedures are of an extremely high standard. We will incoprporate any further recommendations in the new HPA guidance into our practices and procedures to ensure we continue to operate in the safest possible manner.
Our report is available in the salon if you require to see it